German Station Debuts Contemporary AC Jingles by Wisebuddah @WBJingles



A New Sound For NDR 2

Germany’s public radio broadcaster NDR 2 has launched a new sound and a brand new sonic identity, produced by Wisebuddah in London.

The station broadcasts across northern Germany, including throughout Hamburg and lower Saxony, and in recent years the format has shifted to a more contemporary AC sound.

Torsten Engel, Head of program NDR 2:

“We needed a jingle package with a fresh and modern impression, fitting NDR 2. This new package matches these requirements perfectly. It meets the music presented by NDR 2 and has at the same time an individual recognizable sound”.

Phil Tozer is Wisebuddah’s Business Development Manager:

“The brief from NDR 2 was to create something innovative and distinctive within the German radio market, whilst standing out from the competition. With the help of Torsten’s team, we’ve created a package which is fresh, unique and authentic.”

Wisebuddah has recently completed work on new packages for Meloradio (Poland), DASDING (Germany) and YleX (Finland). For more info, visit

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