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Antenne Bayern return to Wisebuddah

Germany’s most listened to private radio station Antenne Bayern has once again returned to Wisebuddah to refresh their station sound.

The new package features a brand new set of 12 themes, comprising 6 Transition IDs and 6 Donuts across various genres.

Stephan Schöpf – Head of Production/Sounddesign: “At best, jingles should sound like real hits. Wisebuddah
has achieved this excellently. The Transitions and Donuts fit smoothly into the program. We are very happy to have Wisebuddah as a partner for many years.”

Wisebuddah Jingles’ General Manager Phil Tozer added “We’re proud to play our part in the success of a
radio station heard by over 4 million people per hour. This new sound retains the warmth and positivity of the
previous package, but we’ve moved it into a hotter more modern direction for 2018.”


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