Wisebuddah’s CHR+ Jingles Are Fresh, Perfect for Portugal’s Iconic Station @WBJingles


Wisebuddah’s CHR+ lands on Mega Hits

Portugal’s Mega Hits has become the latest station in Europe to air Wisebuddah’s updatable CHR jingle service, CHR+.

The ‘+’ brand from Wisebuddah’s is currently available in 3 formats: AC, CHR and Country, and each format includes up to 35 IDs.

The various formats can be heard throughout Europe and beyond, including in Ireland, the UK, Belgium, Germany and Italy.

Nelson Cunha, Mega Hits:

“The final result of the creative work with Wisebuddah is absolutely fabulous! It sounds new and fresh, and the sonic logo fits perfectly with our music flow. Working with Wisebuddah is like having fun through music. This is Mega!”

Phil Tozer is Wisebuddah’s Business Development Manager:

“We’re really proud to play a part in branding one of Portugal’s most iconic radio brands. We have been working with Nelson and the Mega Hits team for almost a decade, so it’s been a delight to watch the station grow over the years to what it is today: one of Portugal’s finest!”

Wisebuddah has recently completed work on new packages for NDR 2 (Germany), NRK P3 (Norway) and YleX (Finland). For more info, visit wisebuddah.com or tweet us @wbjingles

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