Z100 Pay Your Bills


01 New Release Rundown, ReelWorld Jingle (This week’s iHeart New Release Rundown on Elvis Duran)
02 Z100 Pay Your Bills ID, Kelly Kelly Kelly Dave Foxx (Send us your bills at Z100 dot com)
03 Lets Go Right Here Right Now Sweeper
04 iHeart Radio Sia Featurette
05 Top of Hour Z100 ReelWorld Jingle Seattle
06 Z100 Paying Your Bills Register
07 Katy Perry Charlie Puth Sia Get To You Sweeper
08 Zee One Hundred Kelly Kelly Kelly
09 Student Loan Pay Your Bills Spot (Is that a student loan in your pocket …)
10 Music Promo

Captured October 21, 2016 9:15 am to 10:15 am iHeart Radio

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