The Sound of Z100 New York, Hot 97 NYC, Kiss 92 Singapore will now be yours


Radio Express, the world’s most extensive radio imaging, production and broadcast service provider, announced the success of its recent 5-day offer of its Buyout Imaging Libraries.

With emphasis on quality and expansiveness, Jessica D’agostin, President of Sales at Radio Express said the 5-day event generated positive feedback leading to interest in the company’s Premium Imaging Libraries. 

“Our Premium Imaging Libraries are for stations who want a unique, exclusive, and premium sound in their market that no other station else will have, guaranteed.

I know that won’t suit all stations, or be in budget for many, however, I can help make your station stand out in your market with exclusive imaging that is world-class.”

With this, Radio Express is now offering stations around the world the chance to sound big like the radio giants: Z100 New York, Hot 97 and Kiss 92 Singapore.

To avail of the Radio Express “Exclusive Imaging” for your station, get in touch now with Jessica, visit and send in your message.