WHTZ TOH 2021: Serving the Universe


A capture of the Top of Hour Station ID of WHTZ 100.3 FM Z100 New York by _jaybustamante, showcasing the iconic “Serving The Universe” jingle and ReelWorld ONE CHR imaging, captured 9/7/2021.

Other news:

Sanjo Radio 79.7 Kyoto Japan Starts New Show Nippon Night Talk

A radio program entitled NNT-radio (Nippon Night Talk) will begin at Kyoto Community Radio Sanjo Radio Cafe FM 79.7MHz. This program welcomes guests every night (midnight program) with the themes of “traditional culture”, which is a topic unique to Kyoto, “art” regardless of age, and various “manufacturing” topics.

NNT-radio, along with main commentator Tamamura Ryo, has three personalities: Dalia Lucina, who came to Japan with an interest in Japanese culture, Marie Mizuno, who develops art activities in Kyoto, and Kaori Sakurai, a popular person in the streets of Kyoto.

Nowadays, there is a feeling of distance among Japanese people due to the health issue, but based on the three themes (traditional culture, art, and manufacturing) that can be said to be Japanese specialty, listeners can see the future of Japan by listening to the stories of people involved in manufacturing.

Japan, which used to be the center of producing consumer items, in recent years there have been more stories of being overtaken by other countries. People who are still steadily working on manufacturing are in many local cities, including Kyoto, and they support families. 

In terms of art, Kyoto has long been the center of Japanese art and has created many artists, and even today, young and talented artists are secretly working on the creation of works day and night. 

Including them, the city of Kyoto has created and nurtured traditions and culture over the years of 1200. There is the power of Kyoto and Japan that cannot be seen just by visiting Kyoto for sightseeing. However, these themes have a high threshold, deep and heavy impression. Therefore, in order to make it easier for people to see and hear on this radio, the team aimed for a community-radio broadcast that can be enjoyed by setting the broadcast to midnight.

Sanjo Radio Cafe 79.7 is online at https://radiocafe.jp, its broadcast origin is from Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.