Here’s What’s Missing In Your Station’s Imaging


Introducing LFM Audio’s ‘Power Intros’ – a great way to engage your audience and introduce the latest hits and artists. At only $20 US per week, they are extremely affordable and are proving a must have for CHR Top 40 radio stations.

LFM’s Power Intros are making it easier than ever for your CHR Top 40 radio station to get weekly updated Song Intro Imaging. They include both a snippet of a new hit song and a short voice over from the artist. Branding comes in the form of your station or show name, along with a particular station imaging voice chosen by you.

To date, they have received rave reviews from CHR stations worldwide:

“The Power Intros are an excellent way to introduce the hottest songs while keeping your station sounding fresh and HOT!” – JT, Pulse FM

Every Monday, LFM Audio sends a list of trending CHR songs out to everyone who is subscribed to the service. You can vote on which songs you want to be included in the weeks Power Intros. Every Friday, the top 2 most voted songs are turned into Power Intros, branded with your Station Name and delivered ready for air.

“Very happy with the quality of service, the communication from staff was excellent. The Power Intros are of high quality and at a very reasonable price.” – Manuel Guthman, Radio M4

If you are looking for a way to make sure that your CHR Top 40 radio station stays fresh and ahead of your competitors, then consider using LFM Audio’s Weekly Power Intro service. Included artist interviews and snippets will make your station sound big, on trend and will increase listener engagement. Head to the LFM Audio website to hear examples of past Power Intros and Subscribe Now.

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