This “LITE” Jingle Package Is Big-time AC Sound w/o The Big Price Tag


LFM Audio Releases New Resung Jingle Package

LFM Audio, creator of reasonably priced sung radio jingles and radio imaging, today announced the release of a new resung jingle package. The package, originally developed for, consists of four ramps/acapella/slogan sung radio jingles. They are available for resing worldwide. The package presents an attractive alternative, in financial terms, for radio stations that want original jingles but do not want the expense of creating and recording jingles from scratch.

“Our client wanted something with a ‘wow’ sound that fits their soft adult contemporary radio station,” said Ethan Lessiter, Producer at LFM Audio. “The challenge was to create a set of jingles that packed a lot of punch for the initial use, but which could be resung later and retain their original sparkle.”

LFM composed, recorded, sung, produced and mastered the complete jingle package from scratch. The creative team live-recorded many of the instruments, including drums, guitars and brass. The package was composed by Igor Smelov, who also performed some of the instrumentals. Lessiter produced the package.

Client reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. “It was perfectly priced,” said the client. “I have purchased many jingles over the years, from many different companies, but was never able to afford my own CUSTOM jingles… built exactly for MY radio station — until now! The crew at LFM Audio put my ideas to music. I highly recommend them. I’m already planning my next package.”

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