Sung Jingle Package Starts at 299USD #LevelUpwithLFMAudio


Get Resung Jingles at never before prices This month only! LFM Audio has a big Mid Winter Sale on Sung Jingles. Whereas usually, Resung Jingle Packages start at $799, they are from $299 this month. More online here:

Stations around the world choose to level up with LFM Audio sung jingle packages.

LFM Audio came through not only in performance to the Jingles but throughout the process. They kept us informed from start to finish and even changed things to better fit our needs. We will be using them more in the future.

Sean Vaughn, KJIC

LFM Audio has stepped up our station’s production game 100%. For the imaging and the sung jingles they did for the station, they exceed the competition and are very affordable.

Jake Litwin, Hit Music Central

They sound amazing and as polished as the songs we play. I rarely use jingles because they don’t match the recording standards but I have to say yours feel right at home between songs.

Ocean Surf Radio