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LFM Audio produces quality audio suitable for use in radio, video, business and on the telephone. They focus on two core things; affordability and creativity. Firstly, they make sure that your radio station (or other organisation) sounds superior to that of your competitors, and secondly, that you are getting the best deal.

They keep prices affordable so that you don’t have to put up with bad audio production due to constraints on your budget. The customers really appreciate the fact that they always keep them foremost in mind when it comes to pricing structure. LFM also make sure that they take the time to listen to the needs and to take them fully into account.

The founder and manager, Ethan Lessiter works tirelessly to maintain these core ideals of affordability and creativity; ideals which are at the heart of their outstanding audio production service; LFM Audio.

Ethan is a qualified Audio Engineer with many years of experience in the audio industry, so he knows how to get the job done to the highest of standards, along with the rest of their highly qualified team. If you are looking to vastly improve the sound of your radio station or similar organisation, then LFM Audio is the right place to start. They provide radio imaging, sung jingles, voice overs, commercial script writing and any other audio related services. If necessary, you can even outsource your entire radio production needs to them!

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