These Jingles Pop and Rock!


The catchy tune that has been on air courtesy of Pop Rock FM of Netherlands is the work of LFM Audio. Their premier sung radio jingles are one of the many tunes that have been produced by this production company.

While reviewing the sung jingle tune, the spokesperson of Pop Rock FM of Netherlands, said that LFM Audio has given them a fantastic sung jingle package and the radio station highly recommends them for their quality and reliability.

The company representative said that the radio station was particularly happy for the great service that they received from Ethan, Igor and the rest of the team. “The level of involvement in the process of producing such sung radio jingles made everything come out as expected, “revealed the company representative.

Pop Rock FM said he could not hesitate to recommend LFM Audio to other radio stations as the sung jingles they have delivered is already helping them reach far and wide audience. He concluded that their affordability also puts them at a class of their own!.


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