Fresh Soft Rock Jingles Launch for Houston Station @LFMAudio


Houston Radio Platinum launches new Sung Jingles from LFM Audio

LFM Audio specializes in creating Radio Imaging and Sung Jingles for Radio Stations worldwide. Recently Houston Radio Platinum hired LFM Audio to produced fresh Sung Jingles to match their Soft Rock format.

Houston Radio Platinum is an online Soft Rock station that offers melodies from the 60s through the 90s. The new Jingles remixed and tailor-made by LFM Audio is based on the original Grumpy Dingo Radio Jingle Package.

The Grumpy Dingo Radio Jingle Package consists of three resung themes, including Ramp, Slogan, Sting, and Acapella cuts of each. For an affordable one time price of $799. They even provide payment plans allowing Internet Radio Stations to get them without the full upfront cost.

“We started our online station this past May, and I really wanted jingles to make our station sound “big time”. I thought this would be out of our budget before finding LFM Audio…I was amazed at the price and value! I’m so happy about how the project turned out… I highly recommend them!”

– Houston Radio Platinum Team

LFM Audio has fast become a favorite with radio stations that seek premium quality custom audio, including Resung & Composed Sung Jingles. Get more information, listen and pick your new Jingle Themes. Just check out