NewsTalk Production Library Adds New ‘Election’ Audio



Production Vault NewsTalk 2011 Highlights

Production Vault announces the latest additions to their News/Talk imaging library.

Fresh adds include:

Cain Is Out: Between now & next November, a lot will happen. Stay informed. Get the ELECTION promo now.

Hot Topic: Scoring political points on the economy? THE HOLIDAYS:

Get Ready For “Election Voices”. Less than a year to go. THE SAVAGE TRUTH. Michael Savage promo.

“A Christmas Story”: Get The App. Listen To The Promo Here: #productionvault

Hot Topic: Payroll Tax Increase. Also, pull the string on the new Obama Doll promo. #productionvault.

Don’t Shoot Your Ears Out! Get the new phone app promo that tells The Christmas Story.



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