Broadcast News Beds, Logos, Stingers in WAV and MP3, Get them Free


Short form videos, vertical oriented content, podcasts (well, at least it is finally mainstreaming), but you get the idea, new media include radio has evolved. But in these ever fast changing media landscape, audiences get hooked when there is an element of familiarity.

Which is why stations who produce and manage multimedia content still lean into the much loved production music. For podcast episodes, news logos and stingers are a way to catch content consumers.

SoundCrate is offering these broadcast news elements on their royalty free websites. Beds for talents to talkover, sonic logos to grab listener attention and elements to accentuate production.

Check out the link below to listen and download, 11 of these are free. You may also sign up to avail of other elements at affordable monthly package rates.


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