Newtones Delivers Unique, Authentic New Sonic Identity for Africa Radio


Africa radio, the biggest french-speaking african radio station recently asked Swiss sonic agency Newtones to create a new sonic logo as well as a brand new top of the hour.

The new imaging elements started airing on April 11th to highlight the French Presidential Election special programming.

We wanted to reinforce Africa Radio’s identity with a top of the hour that would combine music and singing. The main requirement was that it has to be cohesive with the musical landscape of the station and its unique programming. 
“The Newtones team managed to isolate the fundamentals of our catalogue in terms of rhythms and sound. The result underlines the originality of Africa radio and blends perfectly with our programs.” Dominique Guihot, Africa Radio CEO

“That was an exciting challenge!” says Thomas Bise, CEO of Newtones. 
“Africa Radio can not only be heard in all of the big French cities on DAB+, but it also airs in Ivory Coast and Republic of Congo. It’s a fantastic showcase for us”

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