Legendary WLS Chicago EVO-lves with Modern, Bold and Rock infused NewsTalk Sound


For decades, the News/Talk proposition has been that your station sounds ONE way, with no local, cultural, or demographic considerations. NOW, with the guidance of forward-thinking PDs across the country, TM Evo News/Talk follows the revolutionary TM Evo model of CHOICE. For the first-time, you have a powerful and dynamic tool to brand your station for YOUR market and evolve YOUR station toward the NEXT generation of listeners, without abandoning your core audience.

Launched on WLS-AM, Chicago among others, EVO is much more than a jingle service. TM Evo gives you TOTAL CONTROL of your musical style, offering the service in ROCK, MODERN and BOLD flavors. Plus, you pick your all-important LOGO melody and your vocal sound. EVO updates each month, providing additional themes, logo-based promo beds and logo elements to add constant, fresh branding to your station.

Check out the ROCK version for WLS-AM, and build your station sound, in REAL-TIME. Visit https://tmevo.com/newstalk/ to hear more. TM Evo NewsTalk is also available in WABC, WMAL and KRLD logo melodies.

WLS Rock Theme Jingle 7 Voice Group
WLS Modern Theme Jingle Male Vocals
WLS Bold Theme Jingle 3 Voice Group