AM Radio Remains Strong in Philippine Media


Newly relaunched AM radio station DWAN 1206 AM takes headline

DWAN 1206 AM Shakes Up AM Radio Band in Manila, Philippines

DWAN 1206 AM, the iconic radio station that once graced the airwaves of Metro Manila, is making a triumphant comeback. After years of silence, this beloved station is set to reclaim its place as a trusted source of news, talk shows, and entertainment.

A Rich History

DWAN has a storied past. Established in 1973 by the Banahaw Broadcasting Corporation, it originally operated on 1160 AM under the call letters DWWA. During those early years, it became a household name, providing listeners with music, commentary, and community updates. However, like many AM stations, it faced challenges in recent decades due to the rise of FM and digital platforms.

A New Beginning

On April 9, 2024, DWAN found new champions. Logan’s Run Productions chairman Marc Logan and Thirteen Media Marketing Corporation, a subsidiary of Audiovisual Communicators, Inc., took over the station. Their vision? To revitalize DWAN and make it relevant for today’s audience.

What to Expect

  1. News and Talk: DWAN 1206 AM will continue its legacy as a reliable news source. From breaking headlines to in-depth analysis, listeners can expect well-researched content delivered by seasoned journalists.
  2. Talk Shows: Engaging talk shows will be the heart of DWAN. From political debates to health discussions, the station aims to foster meaningful conversations that resonate with its diverse audience.
  3. Community Engagement: DWAN plans to connect with listeners through community events, charity drives, and partnerships with local organizations. It’s not just a station; it’s a community hub.
  4. Interactive Programming: Listeners can participate in live shows, call-ins, and social media discussions. DWAN wants to be more than a passive experience—it wants to involve its audience.

The Technical Side

DWAN’s studio is located at the IBC Compound in Quezon City, while its transmitter sits in Valenzuela City. The frequency—1206 kHz—ensures broad coverage across Metro Manila and beyond.

DWAN’s relaunch is laudable. It’s a reminder that even in a digital age, traditional media can find new life.