Download now: Sticky FX Grand FX 2 – The Ultimate Solution for Today’s Radio Production Challenges


Sticky FX Presents Grand FX 2: The Ultimate Solution for Today’s Radio Challenges

In the competitive world of modern radio, time is a broadcaster’s most significant challenge. Recognizing this, Sticky FX introduces Grand FX 2, an expansive collection of 450 FX, Work Parts, and Beds tailored for CHR, Hot AC, and Greatest Hits formats. This comprehensive library is meticulously organized into 15 categories, ensuring that every production need is at your fingertips and allowing for quick access to the perfect sound effect.

Grand FX 2 is packed with an array of sounds including Impacts, Breakers, Starters, Sweeps, Whoosh Hits, Stagers, Slams, Risers, Hits, Glitches, EDM Work Parts, Drones, Stoppers, Wipes, and Beds. This extensive toolbox empowers producers to work faster and more efficiently, delivering the contemporary sound required for top-tier radio imaging.

By streamlining the production process, Grand FX 2 not only saves time and money but also reduces stress, potentially benefiting personal relationships as well. Stations can elevate their audio output immediately by acquiring Grand FX 2.

For those seeking even greater value, Grand FX 2 is available in an affordable bundle with the original Grand FX: the Grand FX Bundle.

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