Introducing Chemical FX Production Library 2011


Producers all over the world are stunned. In a laboratory on European ground a team created the ultimate lethal weapon, Chemical FX – Part 1  “The mindblowing chemicals”.

For years a small group of the best audio engineers experimented on this project.

Their existence was denied by many. But now… their secret is out in the open. A brand new package … that will change the future of audio-imaging.

Chemical FX provides you over 100 chemical Sound FX, the package contains: “beeps, blips, beds, drones, lifters, splitters, impacts, sweepers, beats and more chemical stuff!

Chemical FX is produced by audio engineer Frank Koster from the Netherlands, owner of production company (Jingles and Commercials).

“Finally it’s here a production library you can afford.  The must have of 2011! Don’t hesitate and get your own Chemical FX now!”, — Frank Koster.

Download free samples of the Chemical FX package here

Audio Demo | Download
[audio: Chemical FX Part 1 Te Mind Blowing Chemicals.mp3]

Chemical FX is a product of

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