Sticky FX Launches Beat Fillers Library


They’re fat, full of energy, they make you move and it ain’t The Weather Girls!

It’s the newest library from the guys at Sticky FX. Last year they released a complete radio station imaging toolkit called ‘Sticky FX – CHR Volume 1’.

One of the categories featured on this library was ‘Beat Fillers’. Turns out you liked those beds full of beats so much that by popular demand Sticky FX now has released a library fully dedicated to just music fillers with a beat. It’s name? ‘Beat Fillers Volume 1’!

They’re all new beds that aren’t featured on any of the other libraries from Sticky FX.  ‘Beat Fillers’ features 25 original 60 second fillers for promo’s, commercials or you can use them as talk up beds for your jocks. These energetic music beds come in different moods, tempo’s and intensities so whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in ‘Beat Fillers’. Great royalty free library with some very usable fillers!

Check it out at

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