From USA to Serbia, X-Calibur Production Library Is A Hit!


X-Calibur is now being used in major stations worldwide and it’s favorite by producer Ricky Roo of JAMN 94.5 Boston and PD Program Director Vladimir Vucinic of Radio Signal Serbia.

Creative Services Imaging Director Ricky Roo:

“I’m stuck on Sticky FX cause Sticky FX is stuck on me! I’m called upon to create content at a moments notice and everything needs to be done yesterday, so I find myself editing my prod libraries down to their most usable cuts and tossing the clutter.

I need to find an element as quickly as possible and with Sticky FX, I feel they have done the proper curating for me. I can always find the element that I need. From FLY IN’s to SIGNALS, HITS and DRONES.

Each has a place in my production.”

“I feel (X-Calibur has) done the proper curating for me.”

Program Director Vladimir Vučinić:

“We are very pleased with X-Calibur for our imaging. HIT, IMPACT, STARTER and SEPARATOR sfx from this package are truly awesome, they basically fit everywhere.

The whole X-Calibur package was the missing part in our production that we were looking for a long time.

Radio Signal is ready for the summer 2014, loaded with fresh and sexy effects from Sticky FX :)”

“Keep doing great stuff like this, we simply love it.”

“(X-Calibur) is loaded with fresh and sexy effects from Sticky FX “


The wait is over! Finally it’s here…the long awaited follow up library of the two legendary FX libraries ‘X-Attack’ and ‘X-Stream’. With the same raw sound as the two predecessors from the 90’s but with a more polished sound of today. A jam packed library with some unique imaging tools that give you the ability to really make your station stand out from the competition with their alike sounding imaging.

‘X-Calibur’ has 125 fx and work parts including hits, breakers, impacts, starters, beds, drones and plug and play shells in which you only slap your voice over and you’re ready to go! And you get the remastered versions two classic libraries ‘X-Attack’ and ‘X-Stream’ for free as well with this bundle. Giving you a total of 327 fx and work parts. It’s total production freedom!

Find out more about X-Calibur here:

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