‘Pink Noise’ New Radio Production Library Arrives September 30, 2012


The Dutch team of Sticky FX has announced that their new library ‘PINK NOISE’ will be released on September 30th.

The creators of ‘Sticky FX – CHR Volume 1’ and the AC library ‘Glide’ say that this library will get the attention of your listeners in a new and extreme way.

The FX and Work Parts will include special ‘Charge Shells’ where you only have to splice in your station’s name, logo, slogan and location.

It will also feature a couple of brand new categories that promise it to be very spectacular like ‘Rechargers’, ‘Groundshakers’, ‘Pounders’ and ‘Connectors’.

And the best news is, that they have a special introduction discount on ‘PINK NOISE’!

In the first 24 hours of September 30th. you’ll get 50 Euro’s off on this new library with over 400 FX and Work Parts.

Complete details you can find at www.stickyfx.com

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