How Z100 Uses New Dave Foxx Signature Series


The radio production industry is excited to know about the launch of a custom FX library designed for Dave Foxx, Creative Services Director of Z100 New York, now made available by Groove Worx.

The ProdGod, earlier blogged about this on his website,

The library is produced by Robert Dudzic, who has been working with Foxx for years.

“For years, I’ve been telling Robert what I like (and a lot less often what I don’t like) in his Trynity HD/FX library. To some extent, I think it has had an effect on his effects. With this library, it is in TOTAL effect! I love these sounds. They’re as fresh and challenging as any effects I’ve ever heard. Just on inspiration factor alone, this library is astounding.” — Dave Foxx

Here is how the Dave Foxx signatures Series sounds on Z100.



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