New Fusion Radio Jingle Package is Epic and Massive by Reezom



Fresh from the Caribbean, brand new jingles and imaging for FUSION by Reezom, a new station in Martinique.

This station used to play zouk music and used to be called Zouk Fm.

Now new owners build up a new format zouk , compa, salsa with a stronger brand name. This package includes about 50 cuts, with a sung ID and a powerful sonic ID.

Radio Sofaia

Still from the Carribbean, Radio Sofaia, a local Radio station based in Gwadeloup, received a new package from Reezom. Soft AC station plays local song and hits. And the perfect sounding package comes with 14 jingles.

Radio Live

Reezom also delivered new imaging for Radio Live, a web station based in Senegal, Africa. Playing Hiphop Késsé. (hip hop only) is the station tag line.

“Big up to Coco Jean, our first customer investing in sung jingles because he strongly believe future is on web and branding is the way to conquer market.” – Jean-Sebastien Esposito, General Manager, Reezom.

About Reezom

Based in Montreal, the company produces jingles and custom made branding tools. Visit now.

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