Listen To These Xtremely Fun and Awesome Jingles for European Urban Station


What’s the single most important thing for a station oriented towards youngsters?

A fresh sound!

That’s exactly what PURE Jingles created for the Dutch urban station FunX.

FunX fits the on air sound of FunX.

About PURE Jingles

PURE Jingles started in 2007 as a subsidiary of VHU Europe, focusing only on jingle production and station imaging for radio stations in Europe.

PURE Jingles has produced jingles for NRJ, Radio Regenbogen, 3FM, Virgin Radio, Europa Plus, Radio Zet, Kronehit and many others.

The distinguishing feature of PURE Jingles material is the fact that it is produced in a collaborative effort. The fact that there is a team of perfectionists working on each jingle makes the material sound less mass-produced. By using a team of composers, each with their own specialty, jingles sound more in line with the material playing on each radio station.



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