BRUZZ: 24/7 ON in Brussels @PUREjingles


Brussels has a new multimedia brand, BRUZZ! The station launched with a complete ID package from PURE Jingles.

The city made a lot of headlines earlier this year, but fortunately there’s also good news: the launch of an exciting radio station for young adults in the capital of Belgium and Europe!

BRUZZ plays the best R&B grooves and Pop tracks with an alternative edge, and features current affairs, pop culture and lifestyle news about Brussels. The station is also visible via TV, online & print.


Looking for a modern image and Urban feel, BRUZZ asked PURE Jingles to create a rhythmic, voiceover-based sound to highlight their slogan You Are The City, including tailor-made elements for every channel.

“I’m working in radio for over 25 years now, and I’ve never heard such great station imaging before”, Editor-in-Chief Jeroen Roppe says. “It is electrifying, and matching the beat of a city that is always ON.”

Listen to BRUZZ online at, and enjoy the first part of their package at

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