Finally, An Imaging FX Library Built for Rhythmic Radio


No station is the same. No station’s music, jocks or imaging. So why would you want to settle for fx and work parts that not totally match your station’s sound? Especially if you’re doing imaging for an urban, hip hop, dance or rhythmic station it’s not easy finding the right sounds.

Those days are over! Now there’s Radio Bomb! A tailor made fx package for your station’s DNA. With fx categories that you’ve been waiting for all of your production life. Like special technical Spins and Spin Slams but also Starters, Impacts and Risers with unique style that fits the sound of your urban, hip hop or EDM station.

In the total of 120 fx and work parts you’ll also find 10 fat Beat loops in different versions with which you can build a promo bed or talk up filler in seconds!

Make your imaging go BOOM! With Radio Bomb from Sticky FX. Learn more at

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