TRACE Relaunches with New Brand, New HipHop & RNB Jingles


TRACE 2019 Jingle Package Demo

The West Indies hit radio TRACE now has a brand new on-air sonic logo, vocal signature and a complete new jingle package from Reezom that fits its Afro-Pop / Hip-Hop music programming to perfection.

As TRACE seeks to stand out from its competitors and excel in a highly competitive market, it now showcases an original and custom designed new melodic branding.

We envisioned a resolutely catchy and modern sound for the signature stamped with a real melodic concept of voices and original texts blend. Never sound like other radio stations and create a real specific on-air identity that propels your “product promise” on the airwaves.

– Jean- Sébastien Esposito, General Manager, Reezom

Reezom is a professional sound and video production studio that specializes in branding and is recognized for the originality and the creativity of its productions both musically and visually.

Reezom offers the most effective and creative solutions so you can stand out in your market.

We will craft your sound and image so it reflects the values, the feelings and the personality of your media business. The finished production will be original, polished and a true reflection of your brand values. Reezom is currently responsible for some of the best audio and visual branding on air across Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and of course Quebec and Canada.

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– Jean- Sébastien Esposito