KIIS FM and WLIT Jingle Packages Heard on Now FM, WFMK



This is a montage of new jingles for 97-5 NOW FM (WJIM-FM/Lansing, MI) and new AC jingles for 99.1 WFMK/East Lansing, MI.

This montage is arranged with the new Legal IDs first, followed by the new weather beds (WFMK’s weather bed has been airing throughout 2017 but I didn’t catch it until now), and ending with Shotgun versions of cuts that I haven’t caught before on WFMK. All jingles were recorded from the stream during various times in September and October 2017.

WJIM-FM has been airing Production Beds of recent cuts during their brand-new morning show, as well as updated New Music sweepers, so expect a complete imaging update from them (and possibly WFMK) soon – including new Basic IDs and Shotguns! Enjoy!

Posted by Stuart Carlson

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