Check Out This Aircheck, These Are What Modern AC Jingles Should Sound Like

Brandy Jingles has added 10 new cuts to the Close 4 You series. Melodic, contemporary sounds and vocals that fit perfectly with the classics. This is the 4th volume in this series, which now includes more than 80 basic cuts. A catalogue with a tremendous number of possibilities!

Diederik Decraene, Managing Director: “Radio stations that target an adult audience want to sound fresh and contemporary. And it’s precisely their honest, modern sound that makes the Close 4 You packages so popular with radio stations from Europe to North America.”

Tom Van der Biest, Creative Director: “We’ve tossed out everything that can make a jingle sound dated. Instead, you hear sounds from today’s music that still match a diverse playlist perfectly. The composition of each jingle, the evolution of the arrangement, are really tailor-made for AC radio.”

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