Z100 Flavored Radio Jingles for WZNS Z96 Fort Walton Beach



Captured Nov 27 2017, includes sung jingles, Top of Hour IDs, imaging, sweepers, new music, music imaging, and Christmas IDs.

JINGLE Shotgun 96 pt 5 Zee Ninety Six
JINGLE Shotgun Sonic Logo Z96
JINGLE Shotgun Too Too Toot Z96
JINGLE Shotgun Zee Na Na Nine Tea Six
JINGLE Shotgun Zee Ninety 6
JINGLE Shotgun Zee Ninety Six
JINGLE Shotgun Zee96

JINGLE Slogan All The Hiiits Legal
JINGLE Slogan All The Hits 96 point 5 Z96
JINGLE Slogan All The Hits 96.5 Z96
JINGLE Slogan All The Hits Z96 Urban
JINGLE Slogan Oh Oh All The Hits Z96
JINGLE Slogan Z96 All The Hits

JINGLE TOH A Cumulus Station Z96
JINGLE TOH WZNS Powered by Merry Xmas
JINGLE TOH Zee Ninety Six Dot Com

FLOATER 96.5 Z96
FLOATER All The Hits Z96
IMAGING All The Hits and Beyond Vroom Vroom
IMAGING All The Hits More Fresh New Music
IMAGING All The Hits On Air Online Get The App
IMAGING Keep Your Radio Right Here
IMAGING Playing All New Music First
IMAGING Tell Me I Love This Station We Do It I Like It
IMAGING This Is It Get Party Started I Love Station
IMAGING This Is What The Elves When They Make Toys
IMAGING What Time It Is Good Time Guaranteed

LEGAL We Play All The Hits
MORNING More Music Every AM
MORNING Now Good Morning

MUSIC IMG Charlie Puth JusBelieb
MUSIC IMG Music You Love Demi Bruno
MUSIC IMG Music You Love NialH ChainSmokin
MUSIC IMG Music You Love Portugal Heilee Zedd

NEW MUSIC New Music Is Right Here ZEE 96
NEW MUSIC Only The Best New Music
NEW MUSIC You Heard It Here First

SOCIAL Were On Insta How Cool Kids Say Instagram
SWEEPER 1 Station All The Hits
SWEEPER All … The … Hits
SWEEPER All The Hits Zee Ninety Six
SWEEPER All The Hits Zeeee 96
SWEEPER Nine Tea Six Pt Five Z96

XMAS All The Hits All Day Everyday XMAS
XMAS Bringing Back The Christmas Magic 1000 Dollars
XMAS Cookies Milk for Santa
XMAS Have A Jolly Christmas from Z96
XMAS If You Cant Wait for Winter Wonderland We Got You Covered
XMAS Like Christmas Carols Only Better Artist ID
XMAS Rocking Around Xmas Tree in Car
XMAS This Is How We Celebrate The Holidays (Listeners)
XMAS Wrapping Presents Wrapping The Hits

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