[AUDIO] ReelWorld Jingles Are Killin It In Salt Lake City Radio


ReelWorld Jingles for 97.1 ZHT and Radio Imaging

Aircheck of ReelWorld jingles and imaging aired on 97.1 ZHT Salt Lake City ,Utah.

Captured October 10, 2016

About ReelWorld

Founded in a one-bedroom Seattle apartment by two friends in 1994, ReelWorld Productions turned the radio industry on its ear by creating a groundbreaking jingle package for WPGC-FM in Washington D.C. For the first time, production techniques and musicality were paired with the playlist of a station, creating a seamless transition between its branding and core artists.

In the years that followed, ReelWorld continued to develop new jingle and imaging services, further redefining the idea of radio branding.

Today, ReelWorld proudly employs a worldwide team of seasoned producers, composers and writers and boasts three unique and innovative product divisions – radio jingles, radio production and radio prep.

With dozens of products airing on thousands of stations across six continents, ReelWorld is the company stations trust to help them #makegreatradio

Visit reelworld.com

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