Z100’s New Summer Music Image Promo 2011


Production Vault CHR showcases irresistible audio ear candies for summer 2011.

PV CHR’s latest tweets below.

  1. It’s all about U, in Numbers and Letters, this week! Up now on#productionvault!11:37 AM Jul 15th
  2. Tyga, Jordin Sparks, Iyaz, and more, are featured in this week’s Instrumentals and Acapellas! Check it out! #productionvault11:11 AM Jul 15th

  3. Take a vacation to Hawaii! New Don Ho inspired Custom and Micro Beds are up now, and available only on #productionvault!11:04 AM Jul 15th

  4. Harry Potter Samples and Drops are new this week, and more! Up now on #productionvault!5:12 PM Jul 14th

  5. Our June Highlights demo is up now! Check out all the juicy details on #productionvault!2:57 PM Jul 1st

  6. Gas Giveaway Sound Design, and more, is up now! Check it out on#productionvault!11:51 AM Jul 1st

  7. New Summer and 4th of July themed Custom and Micro Beds are up now on #productionvault! Happy Independence Day!

Visit http://chr.productionvault.com

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