This Audio App is good for producers and it’s free, get it


So What Is This Audio App?

It is actually a desktop app that let’s you input a song and it recognizes the chords used in the track. The software is called Riffstation

Riffstation is a desktop application for Mac and Windows computers. Load any MP3 and Riffstation will automatically detect the chords and sync the chord diagrams with the music. You can also slow down the audio, change the pitch, isolate or mute guitar parts, loop specific sections and even sync a metronome! – Riffstation

Find this really helpful, if you are trying to do branded song intro and you want to get the exact chords, so your audio elements blend harmoniously.

Also great if you are trying re-create the track or perhaps do a mashup.

This one used to be available as a mobile app for iOS priced at $35 usd.

So what’s the catch?

Nothing really, well aside from them gathering your emails as they require you to input your email ad before you get the file, so if you are GDPR crazy, you might want to skip this.

Other than that it is a basic music tool, guitarists will surely find this interesting.

The chord detection part is the seller.

From their website, they stopped the mobile app development due probably to licensing concerns with songs.

However, you might find that there are times the app inaccurately detects the chords, so there is that.

Visit the secure link below to get the installer file

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