Download 40 ‘Feel Good’ Beds For Radio Production


The production music service Beds And Beats has just announced the release of yet another set of amazing beds for your production.

The Beds and Beats Total Promos 11 comes with 40 tracks of full of bright, friendly material, designed with your productions in mind, from 80’s pop sound-a-likes, to modern (kylie-esq) disco house pop, It’s all on Total promos 11, where the key word is FEELGOOD.

The Total Promos album is produced by music service Beds And Beats (

With a select team of talented composers, the company is constantly designing an array of music that will suit any project. Composers have been heard on ITV primetime, BBC, Sky, and every major radio group in the UK.

After using any of their music, Beds And Beats asks from you to return the music to PRS fairly and accurately (The return details can be found underneath the track titles once you’re logged in – titled “Music Return Details”).

Learn more about Beds and Beats here

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