PROD: Dua Lipa’s New Rules Producer Shares DAW Trick for Vocals


Ian Kirkpatrick is the guy behind the huge banger New Rules.

And he has also worked for Selena Gomez, Pitbull, Chris Brown, Nick Jonas, Britney Spears, Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber okay you get it.

Radio prods these days are more and more inspired by music producers, EDM particularly.

One particular plugin is fond of is VocalSynth 2.

And in tune with the release of the latest plugin, Ian shares how uses the DAW tool to create his amazing vocals.

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any song starts with a voice main thing that people latch on to our lyric voice melody people already have a natural connection to a vocal vocoder supplements that and it’s just a natural harmony pop producers like myself are learning to use the vocoder

as a real instrument now isotopes focus in two is the most comprehensive vocoder that’s available today if you’re getting into incorporating more vocals into your music you’ve got to dive in go past the presets there’s so many combinations and ways that you can use vocals Institute you can easily stumble on something that no one’s done before alright so I’ll show you

how I’m incorporating vocals into into just something new that I’ve been playing around with I have a vocal that I got from splice I played some piano over it and this is this is just piano and vocal [Music] okay this next part I wanted to combine a vocoder with that vocal and layer it underneath my vocal I take the MIDI from the piano I drag it down to a MIDI track

that I’m routing to go into vocal synth and actually that’s pretty much it so now I have vocal synth playing the same MIDI basically that I was playing the piano in two vocal synth and it’s going to modulate that vocal using the this one’s a multi layer this is poly Vox vocoder Compubox and bio Vox all together

and that sounds like this and that’s like me just dragging MIDI over so that combined with the vocal now gives you this big dramatic so the first layer is the vocoder

which is probably only needs that but why stop there so I added Compu Vox which you can buy it sounds awesome but you know

and then I added poly Vox which you know made a little brighter and then I added finally bio Vox to help with articulation and stuff gives it a little more breath enos

and then I combined that with the original vocal so the end result is you know this is not done this is just ideas turn around but it goes out of this brain ramped up into this light in the brain but anything’s you both of a face

yeah I’m done playing I mean you can go anywhere from there going to a drop or just have that be the hook like it’s you know yet to be determined on this

one there’s so many options that it’s hard to not have fun with it I can do a million things within you know a minute as long as I can work at the speed of my ideas I will use a plug-in and vocal sent to does that [Music]

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