6 Radio Sweepers Nonstop Music


So there is a joke about radio station IDs and the irony that they remind listeners how they play nonstop music while “essentially” interrupting their listening with a voiceover.

But that is the point of station identification, you have got to grab the listener’s attention because you need to tell them something.

Sweepers are effective at this as they can be segued in between songs.

So the river flow of music isn’t interrupted, but you get to see a ferry passing by with a big sign that says “you are listening to nonstop music”.

In a world of relatively short listener attention spans you have got to do it quick but at the same time delivery the message home.

Here are some quick sweeps for you.

We dont stop the music

Continous hit music

Nonstop and back to back

Free flowing hit music marathon

Going full throttle with nonstop hits

One hit after another

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