New Z100 Imaging from PV CHR


Production Vault CHR is stuffed with lots of hot new elements for your production this May 2011. Arnold Schwarzenegger themed audio are up. Also check out new drops from the movie Pirates Of The Carribean.

Numbers and letters; add, substract, spell to your heart’s content. And get even more excited with PV’s hot new microbeds.

Doing a concert promo, beatmix or sweeper for Lady Gaga and Jason Derulo? No problemo! Download acapellas and instrumentals from today’s hottest artists.

If it’s not enough, check out phone taps, Bin Laden, graduation, Hangover Part 11 and more pop culture sound bytes only at Production Vault CHR.

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Creators of ReelWorld Jingles and the Production Vault family of imaging services.

New CHR Demo

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