Billie Eilish, Sam Smith in spotlight for Z100’s recent radio imaging


Billie Eilish, Sam Smith, Post Malone are in the spotlight for the recent highlight of Production Vault CHR for Z100 New York.

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Heard in the recent highlight for Z100 are promos and imaging showcasing artists like Post Malone, Sam Smith and Billie Eilish, who is in the limelight these days for her unconventional pop image.

With a good safety margin we can say that we have already found our album of the year, which has a beautiful title, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go ? and is signed by the most amazing artist that America has given birth to in the last few years. Write down this name, because Billie Eilish seems to come from another planet, but now that it’s here between us it seems obvious to us that she intends to stay there for a while, since her music is making everyone fall in love, at any latitude. To tell who it is, this 17 year old grew up in Los Angeles (from, as she tells herself, “two parents who all say to be actors, but who, and I say with immense love towards them, are actually more actors missed, than most have done commercials; the people who follow me send me gifts that I don’t know where to put, because I grew up in a really modest environment “) we can leave by saying what it is not : not a breathtaking, super confident and highly sensual like our beloved Dua Lipa , it is not an Ariana Grande, a splendid talent without a doubt but already more canonical, and it is not a panic rapper like Cardi B, as much a blood thrown in its bars as it is coherent with the imaginary of the woman rapper, angry, provocative, eager for money and success, foul-mouthed and very, very funny. Here:

Billie Eilish is Billie Eilish because at the age of 17 she manages to clear everything, and to create new rules in the infinite show that is music. Like very few before her (Madonna, Bjork, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey) this teen ager is revolutionary. Why? Because his verses touch the abyss of depression and anxiety, of which he never made a secret of suffering, with sounds that can only be defined pop, maybe dark, but pop. According to Dave Grohl, the singer of the Foo Fighters, the same thing that happened in 1991 with Nirvana, his historical band, is happening with Eilish. He knows this because his daughters are obsessed with Eilish, as well as many other American teenagers but not only, given that his Instagram has almost 16 million followers.

Despite having a beautiful face, Eilish focuses on everything but his attractiveness: his videos are dark, sometimes disturbing, similar, so in span, certainly more to an imaginary from Marylin Manson rather than to those of colleagues like Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus. And also her look, with her hair now gray, now blue and the oversize clothes that show a few centimeters of skin and place it, as well as her very winking attitude, make her an artist beyond any gender stereotype

As the New York Times wrote : his latest album “will probably consolidate his reputation as a unicorn of the music industry of the 21st century, which embodies all the hopes of online youth culture”. And so, let’s add, because if a girl is not rich, with Tourette’s syndrome (of which she has widely spoken on her social networks, after videos of her tics were included), who at 17 writes and composes from alone, flanked only by her 20-year-old brother Finneas, who does not feel the need to become the Lolita on duty to have followed, and above all, capable of giving us pieces, all but all incredible and all in a profoundly different way, like those of When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?well then there is great hope for future generations.