The new sound of Urban CHR: NPO FunX 2022


 March 18, 2022

With a sound design update from PURE Jingles, the urban brand of Dutch public  broadcaster NPO is entering the sunny season of ’22. A trendsetting new package  for Urban Contemporary. 

As a mission for his brand, program director Niels Hoogland speaks of connecting  the youth and giving them a voice. “Our target group is part of the ‘urban culture’, a  mix of influences and backgrounds. Their differences are seen as an enrichment.” 

“FunX has a recognisable, unique and positive sound: that of the ‘generation of the  future’, which can heard on the station by talking about ideas, trends and innovation.  In addition, we want to contribute to the empowerment of our audience, whereby we  stand behind (but preferably next to) our target group.” 

Up-to-date and in-tune 

About their strategy for sonic branding, Hoogland says: “It is very important that the  audio design really represents what we stand for. It should be a recognisable, unique  and energetic sound.” 

“The sound of our playlist in evolving incessantly. The most important genres for us  are Hip-hop, R&B, Dutch rap, Afro, Arab, Latin, Dance and Dancehall. That’s why I’m  glad that with this update we are completely ‘in-tune’ with the latest trends. Just like  the content on all of our other channels!” 

Listen to the demo here: