Rhône FM, Omroep Brabant Proud Users of Glide 5 FX Library from Sticky FX


Rhône FM and Omroep Brabant are just two of the of the recent stations that chose the sound of Glide 5 from Sticky FX.

Raphaël Métrailler, Head of Production Rhône FM: “The new Glide 5 is really a dream come true for any AC or Hot AC producer. The FX have punch and a modern feel but aren’t too aggressive. These are precisely the elements we need for our imaging. They match our music format perfectly and give a bright and positive feel to the imaging. Really, if you’re doing production for a Hot AC or an AC station, just get the new Glide 5 and you’re set for life!”

Listen to Glide 5 on Rhône  FM:

Maurice Verschuuren, Imaging Producer Omroep Brabant: “For the new imaging of Omroep Brabant I needed FX that sound contemporary but also blend well with the older music that is played in the AC format of the station. I’ve been a fan for years of all the Glide libraries so it was a no brainer that I would go for Glide 5. With every new Glide library the people at Sticky FX surprise me again and again with the consistent sound but also every time with fresh new elements that really make your jingles sparkle. If you’re producing imaging for an AC station, honestly there’s no other option; Glide 5 is the ultimate in FX for AC formats!”

Listen to Glide 5 for Omroep Brabant:

Glide 5 is the ideal production library for mainstream, soft or hot AC stations, TV stations or podcasts. If you’re looking for an adult and contemporary sound, this library with 650 FX, Beds and Work Parts has got you covered! Glide 5 is also available in an affordable bundle with Glide 1 to 4.

Visit the link below to get Glide 5 now