10 Nationwide Radio Stations in the Netherlands Unite for Ukraine


10 stations, 1 day, 1 cause: helping Ukraine and its people. In a massive simulcast  fundraiser on March 7th across all major radio stations in the Netherlands.  

Dutch public broadcasters NPO 3FM, NPO Radio 2 and NPO Radio 5, and privately owned 100%NL, Qmusic, Radio 10, Radio 538, Radio Veronica, SLAM! and Sublime,  are simulcasting for one day as ‘Radio 555’ with a joint network program. The station  is named after the bank account number of the united help organisations, including  Unicef and the Red Cross. Listeners can request a song in exchange for a donation  at giro555.nl.  

1 sound for 10 audiences  

Simulcasting across 10 stations, a universal sound was needed. Sublime PD Rick  Waltmann coordinates the audio branding for Radio555 and speaks about a creative  challenge. “Each station normally has its own target demo and music format; varying  from CHR to Oldies. Together we want to set the right tone, and appeal to as many  people as possible. I asked PURE Jingles if they could support our cause. Within  days, a complete package was created in which our wishes were incorporated.”  

5 x 5 x 5 jingles  

The Radio555 package symbolically consists of 5 jingle themes, each delivered in  (over) 5 versions, as well as 5 beds & drones. News, weather & traffic imaging and  sweepers are included as well. Radio555 broadcasts on FM, DAB+ and online all day.  Their jingle package continues to be heard on the purejingles.com/showcase page.