103.5 KTU NY New Show IDs for Carolina with Greg T in the Morning


Blasting a ‘Rhythmic Hot AC’ format from the top of the Empire State Building, KTU is The Beat of New York, spinning hit songs from core artists Ava Max, Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and others. Well-known personalities such as Carolina & Greg T, Wendy Wild, Sean ‘Hollywood’ Hamilton and Lulu & Lala keep The Big Apple moving, and benchmarks such as the ‘KTUphoria’ concerts have become incredibly popular.

PURE Jingles is contributing to KTU’s on-air sound since 2014. PURE Jingles expanded their collaboration, which started with custom jingles and bespoke branded intros, into tailor-made show imaging. The Show ID package for The Carolina with Greg T in the Morning Show can be utilised in various ways; in sweeper mix-outs over song intros, and as stand-alone idents.

Some idents are specifically constructed to flow into ad breaks, and used to pre-sell benchmarks coming up after the stopset, such as Battle of the Sexes or commercial-free hours. (Every weekday before 9, listeners are being treated to 2.5 hours of non-stop music on WKTU.) If you’d like to hear sung jingles of The Beat of New York, you can find those by searching for ‘103.5 KTU’ on the showcase page.

Listen to the showcase here https://purejingles.com/showcase/1035-ktu-morning-show