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Listeners Send Appreciation for Inclusivity in Tokyo FM Radio Program

Tokyo FM’s mission transcends beyond entertainment and information, the station touches lives and the community. And this is even truer today, as radio host Takuya Kimura, shared a message from a teenage listener who was inspired by the program “Takuya Kimura Flow supported by GYAO”.

This month, a teenager who is suffering from stuttering, shared this message.

“The other day, I sent a message about stuttering. Thank you for reading the last time! I had a hard time living with stuttering, but Mr. Kimura’s words saved my heart and I decided to do more and more.”

“I hope I can overcome it. Thank you for giving me such kind words! “, says an 18 year old female listener who also suffers from the same disorder.

“I have had stuttering since I was a child, and like this person, I really love talking, but I can’t speak because I’m afraid of getting stuck (in words).” – from another listener.

“There are a lot of things that are painful, painful, and regrettable, so I can understand the feelings,” said another radio listener.

“Mr. Kimura’s encouragement touched my heart very much. Thank you! I hope that the program will encourage more people with stuttering all over the country,” said a 53 year old woman from Tokyo.

Kimura said, “I’m very happy that (listeners) are connected through this radio. I would be happy if you could make (this program) a place for exchanging opinions.

TOKYO FM “Takuya Kimura Flow supported by GYAO!” started airing this month and broadcasts everyday Saturday.

Travel Radio FM 91.5, Thai Tourism Partner in Digital Skills Program

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) joins forces with Travel Radio FM 91.5 and Blogtech Academy to organize 12 courses to enhance digital skills and knowledge techniques of its citizens.

The government aims to empower the community and businesses in the new normal of digital marketing.

According to local authorities, this is part of the “SOS Campaign (Save Our Stakeholder)” campaign to open the economy for both foreign tourists and domestic tourists by helping entrepreneurs in the tourism industry using digital techniques.

There are a total of 12 lectures, 1 hour each, and are ongoing now in the month of October. The courses can be listened to on the Travel Radio FM 91.5 radio station from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM with live broadcasts on the Travel Radio page.

Lecture topics include:

1) Facebook & Instagram:
2) Youtube Marketing & Video Content
3) TikTok Marketing & Video Content
4) Selling well on Google & Website & Sale Page
5) SEO & Content & Blog Techniques
6) Creating Sales Power with New Trends
7) E-Commerce & Dropship
8) Banner and strategies for advertising products
9) Creative and professional photography techniques
10) Videography skills
11) Preliminary Layout Design & Podcast Marketing Techniques
12) Digital Transformation Canvas & Social Branding Modern Business Strategies

Ms. Satita Sorassa, Director of Blogtech Academy, said that all digital marketing professionals have devoted themselves to this project. And the broadcast of its lessons through radio via Travel FM 91.5 will definitely reach more citizens and entrepreneurs.

Love FM Festival 2021 A Big Boost for Radio and Businesses

Love FM (Japan) - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

The radio team of Love FM Japan announced that the Love FM Festival 2021 was a big success. With the aim of bringing together listeners and the community in unity in these times, the event drew record audiences both in person and on air as it was broadcast throughout the country. The festival also aimed at promoting local businesses to revive the community economy.

The Love FM Festival, now on its seventh iteration, was cancelled last year 2020 due to the health emergency crisis. This year, it was held at the Kurume Hyakunen Park in Kurume City, Fukuoka for two days from October 9 to 10.

Artists who performed during the event were the Sendai-based 4-member band MONKEY MAJIK, the two Maynard / Blaise and the popular 5-member mixture band Kroi, R-Shitei, peko, KZ, and other groups “Umeda Cypher” and the Okinawa-based band “Umeda Cypher”. Popular artists such as “Kariyushi 58” and SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS also made appearance.
Jeff Taro, Anna, TOGGY, and Shoko Shimokawa were in charge as MCs.

The event also catered to local businesses such as the launching of the Kurume restaurants Mohikan Ramen, Kushiyaki Hotaru River, Tokonatsu Bar RAKUEN, Ishida Farm in an effort to further kickstart economic activity.

Pors Impact Creative 2021 Jingles for Radio RADIO OSNABR ÜCK in Germany: A Level Up!

New radio jingle package for RADIO OSNABR ÜCK in Germany has just been released and is produced by Pors Impact Creative.

We listened to the jingles on the team and are thrilled. Very well sung and very well implemented. Everything is great!


Listen here: https://www.pors.nl/albums/12/details/143/radio-osnabruck.html

New South Korean Radio Station Receives Full Support from Community

Seodaemun Community Radio launched in Sep 1, 2021

Community radio is a low-power broadcast of less than 10W for small areas (si/gun/gu). Residents can directly share the news of the village and participate in content production. In Seoul, there are radios that have been with the region for nearly 20 years, such as Gwanak FM and Mapo FM, and there are radios that have been officially approved for business as a village media. Such is the case with Seodaemun Community Radio. 

Seodaemun Community Radio CEO Jang Su-jeong, who was busy preparing for the launch of the corporation, met on the afternoon of the 1st at the Bukgajwa-dong studio. Seodaemun Community Radio is the representative village media in Gajwa-dong. So, the original name was ‘Gajaeullanduo’. Gajaeul is the old name of Gajwa-dong. It is a pure Korean word for ‘a village away from a big village’. 

In Seoul, there are village media representing each autonomous district. This is the result of the Seoul village media support project in 2012. The same goes for Seodaemun Community Radio. At first, it was all about a small community space and recording facility. They held village meetings and supported small groups to grow the network. It continued to grow and solidified its position as a village media. 

At that time, Gajaeulla Duo (predecessor to Seodaemun Community Radio) operated the first mini FM (which receives a temporary frequency and broadcasts FM for a certain period of time) as the first town media in Seoul. So eight years have passed. The certificates that filled one of the studio showcases contain the time that has passed. There has been some good news recently. Seodaemun Community Radio was selected as one of 20 new operators of village community radio by the Korea Communications Commission in July. CEO Jang was humble. He cited ‘trust’ as the selection factor. 

CEO Jang said, “I think the selection was due to the fact that I have been working as a village media for 8 years. 

A signature campaign prepared in haste… There were many heartbreaking moments until 

the activists who wrote down the 9 lines of ‘great reward’ to the support of 600 people and the sponsors who came through the rain were all selected as ‘first-class contributors’ . Before I submitted my application, I got signatures in a hurry. More than 600 people signed it in a week. Among them, there was an activist who wrote a 9-line poem on ‘Seodaemun Community Radio’ with a prayer for selection. Another day, there was a housewife who broke through the rain and came to the studio to verify her identity by direct debit of sponsorship. 

CEO Jang said, “There is not much feedback on radio broadcasts, but it was rewarding to see more than 600 people signed in a short period of time.” He continued, “The concept of community radio is difficult, but the residents clearly understood it. He was proud of ‘the radio we make’,” he recalled. 

Seodaemun Community Radio is engaged in the development and dissemination of customized media technology. In order to operate the village media, the participation of residents is required. A bigger issue is cost. We need to create good content with limited support, but if the technology is difficult, there is a barrier to entry. We are focusing on finding technologies or equipment that can be broadcast live at low cost, sharing them with other media, and finding technologies that users can easily access. 

A local publishing business is also planned. I am about to compile contents such as ‘Gajaeul Music Hangout’ and ‘Seodaemun History Tour’ into a book. CEO Jang said, “There are not many contents that deal with local news meaningfully, and there is less movement to discover. 

Can community radio, an analog method, survive in the digital age? CEO Jang cited the advantage of being able to deliver information needed in real life at a short distance. 

CEO Jang said, “The role of community radio is to deliver local news to people who have no connection. 

“I want to have a good experience with community radio” 

Seodaemun Community Radio will open on September 13 next year. The national day was set according to the frequency (91.3 MHz). There is a lot of homework to complete during the remaining period of one year and a little more. Seodaemun Community Radio is currently exporting content through podcasts and YouTube. In order to broadcast 18 hours a day from now on, it is said that more than 200 people will be needed every week. You also need to provide space to accommodate them. The issue of housing for activists remains a challenge. 

CEO Jang conveyed a small wind. He hopes that community radio will tell more stories than before and give people a pleasant experience. 

CEO Jang said, “I have been thinking for a long time that I want to create a space that many people can share. said 

He added, “My biggest ambition is to create a broadcasting station, but I hope that people will have a better experience, communicate well, and accumulate a lot of that experience.”

Asia: Gema Randik 97 FM Enjoys Increasing Popularity, Radio Still Top Media

In this digital era, when access to information is fast, it turns out that radio still has its own devotees. This is evident with the community at Gema Randik 97 FM in its studio and office at the Dinkominfo, Musi Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra, Indonesia.

The Muba Regency government-owned radio station has seen increase in visits by fans, listeners and organizations including that of Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) Dinkominfo Muba led by Patricia Lisnawaty Sinulingga together with DWP member Dinkominfo Muba last March 6, 2020 Friday.

Dharma Wanita is an organization whose wives are Civil Servants (PNS). Dharma Wanita was established on 7 December 1999 at a national meeting. The main objective of establishing Dharma Wanita is to improve the quality of the resources of PNS family members to achieve national welfare.

Based on the Nielsen Consumer Media View survey (Nielsen Indonesia Survey 2017), radio penetration is still ranked fourth compared to other types of media.

“Television is still the main media for the people of Indonesia, where the penetration reaches 96 percent,” said DWP Chairman Dinkominfo Muba Patricia.

Furthermore, outdoor media has 53 percent penetration, internet 44 percent and radio media is fourth position with 37 percent. The penetration of newspaper media is only 7 percent and magazines and tabloids 3 percent.

“From the survey, there are still many radio listeners and I am sure that radio listeners will not be eroded by the rapid progress of information technology. But instead they will compliment each other, “he said.

Meanwhile, Head of the Information Communication Office, Herryandi Sinulingga, represented by the Head of Public Communication Tri Nurhayani, explained that anyone and any organization who wants to take part in broadcasting to share positive information with the people of Muba is welcome to visit radio stations.

“Because radio can be a forum for information and communication tools. We believe that radio still has a place in the hearts of loyal listeners because radio listeners are usually communities who are loyal to their favorite radio programs,” he said.

Listeners take pride of Gamasi 105.9 South Sulawesi Indonesia for almost 40 years service

Founded in 1980, the radio is the pride of the people of South Sulawesi, Gamasi 105.9 FM. On Friday (6/28), they are celebrating their 39th year.

Situated at the Veteran Selatan, Marinda B2 Makassar Complex, listeners, staff and on air crew are celebrating the milestone.

Coupled with balloons hanging in the room it added to the joy of a radio birthday which is famous for its slogan “Makassar Style is here”.

Lines of directors from partners and Corporated Radio Gamasi attended to give congratulations and birthday cakes. Among the South Sulawesi Provincial Government Public Relations, and Sukriansyah Latief from FAJAR.

Senior Announcer and Content Formulator Gamasi, S daeng Nai said that in the age of Gamasi radio, which can be said to be quite senior in terms of broadcasting, it was always maintained.

Daeng Nai also said that maintaining programs and broadcasts that many of his listeners are fond of are characteristics of Gamasi radio.

“We follow the wishes of listeners and always maintain broadcasts as a form of our commitment,” he said when met by FAJAR.

One of the announcers on Radio Gamasi Makassar, Asis Nojeng said that everything has not changed and no one could replace it.

He continued, some of the program content produced by himself included the Pacarita program, Bugis songs (Laugi), as well as some Makassar, Tambara Gamasi song programs or health programs.

“Many can provide new ones but Gamasi does not present such a thing and makes it a place of reflection and indeed there are still many who are looking for it,” said Sis Nojeng.