Pors Impact Creative 2021 Jingles for RADIO OSNABR ÜCK in Germany: A Level Up!


New radio jingle package for RADIO OSNABR ÜCK in Germany has just been released and is produced by Pors Impact Creative.

“We listened to the jingles and the team are thrilled. Very well sung and very well implemented. Everything is great.”

– Andreas Kannenberg CEO RADIO OSNABR ÜCKCK

Listen here: https://www.pors.nl/albums/12/details/143/radio-osnabruck.html

Pors Impact Creative has also produced this year the massively successful summer radio package for Radio Midland.

In addition to completely new design, we also produced a nice summer package for Radio Midland.
The new jingles can be listened to on air from August 2 and on our website www.pors.nl

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