AudioSweets Pick’N’Mix Radio Imaging Service Evolves and Expands With New Collections


AudioSweets is now offering a range of ‘Sweet collections’ from its ever popular ‘Pick’N’Mix’ updating imaging service. Each ‘Sweet’ is designed to offer key elements to fit any station’s imaging needs.

The ‘Complete Sweet’ gives you everything you need to image your station with the full array of all the ‘Pick’N’Mix’ categories and is the most popular option for stations wanting a ‘one stop shop’ for constantly updating imaging.

The ‘Chart Sweet’ allows you to keep it fresh, with access to the latest Sweet (branded) Intros, Music Imagers and Beds. Ideal for stations wanting to make sure they are reflecting the latest in the chart.

The ‘Music Sweet’ gives you all the music elements you could want – from Beds, Breaks and Sound Design! Updated regularly and with a huge back catalogue.

The ‘On Air Sweet’ let you keep your imaging topical and fresh all year round! You have access to up-to-date Music Imagers, Sense of Day elements and Beds.

Whether you an individual presenter or a station, the ‘Show Sweet’ makes your show shine! With complete access to all Competition Elements, Shells and Beds.

Simon Prentice, Marketing Director of AudioSweets added “We’ve been working with stations of all sizes, all over the World for years now. What’s become apparent is everyone has different imaging needs and so we wanted to make Pick’N’Mix as flexible as we could. Most stations are taking the Complete Sweet but since launching the other ‘Sweets’ we’ve had great feedback and uptake!”

Showcases for all the Pick’N’Mix Sweets are available at and you can register your interest on the site at:

AudioSweets Pick’N’Mix imaging service is used by over 400 stations in many territories from the UK, Brazil, US, Europe, Asia and Australia.