Download 30+ Steve Jobs Sound Clips for Radio Production


Steve Jobs’ death indeed rocked the tech and consumer electronics industry, in fact it all shocked the radio and the music industry.

Jobs had made a major turnaround to the music industry when it launched the iPod and opened iTunes, it changed the face of selling, buying and listening to records forever.

While reports say the cause of death remain undisclosed, the followers of the influential ex-CEO of Apple were in one way expecting the news.

Last August, Steve resigned from the position to give way for his health.

He had been diagnosed and cured of pancreatic cancer and announced having liver transplant.

The music and radio industry will be forever grateful to Jobs as he sparked a revolutionary enthusiasm in consuming commercial records.

Here are 30 plus sound bites showcasing Steve Jobs famous lines / quotes which can be used for tribute promos. More audio also be accessed from other sites like Hark and SoundBoard.

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