Get Radio Oxfordshire Stand Out with 2021 AudioSweets ID Jingle Package


AudioSweets ID is proud to announce the new A/C jingle package  for Oxfordshire’s Get Radio. The launch package consists of resings  from our latest Manx Radio package plus a station song, pushing the  localness of Get Radio. 

Rich Smith, Controller of Programming at Get Radio said “The  service and sound of the AudioSweets package not only makes Get  Radio stand out but the team delivered swift, quality results- Simon  and the team are a pleasure to work with”. 

Simon Prentice, Marketing Director of AudioSweets added “This  Manx Radio package has proved really popular, so it was great to  work with the guys at Get Radio on the resing. As this was a launch  package, we knew the importance of getting the right station sound.  These cuts sound great and it’s really good to hear them on air  across Oxfordshire.” 

AudioSweets ID jingle packages are available in all territories and resings of packages in most markets. Visit now to hear more and contact Simon and the team to find out what AudioSweets can do for  you station sound.