IMGR Powers Nova’s Sonic Branding


IMGR (London, UK), the radio branding company behind some of the biggest stations in the UK, has partnered up with the world-famous Nova Network in Australia. 

The partnership sees The Nova Network utilising IMGR Online’s powerful CHR offering, complete with a huge range of sonically unique music beds, sound design elements, music demonstrators, Top of Hours, artist content and more.

“It’s really refreshing to know that whenever you go to the IMGR website, you’re going to get exactly what you’re looking for”, says Daniel Pearson, Group Imaging Director for Nova. “The Imaging is clean and powerful with all the mixouts you need to take any project to the next level”

Phil Tozer, IMGR’s recently appointed Managing Director, added “Australia is well known worldwide for pushing the boundaries in radio, and we’re thrilled to be able to be heard on such a dynamic network. We believe that IMGR is one of the best sounding imaging platforms in the world and so to be partnered with a network so revered as Nova is fitting.”

IMGR Online is a powerful full service production tool kit, with thousands of produced elements, re-branded ready to air instantly, or remix and repurpose. 

IMGR Custom provides a powerful bespoke branding solution, as utilized by a number of award-winning stations in the UK, and around the world. 

Check out all the latest IMGR audio highlights across five formats on Soundcloud: