New Drive Time Show Jingles Now Available Worldwide


Building on continuing success of Qmusic’s drive time programming block, Sonic Spring and Qmusic are proud to present the latest jingles for Domien Verschuuren.

Sonic Spring produced two new drive time show cuts for Domien Verschuuren. Domien previously hosted the morning show at NPO 3FM, and is now on air 16.00-19.00 drive time at Qmusic.

These cuts are in Dutch but can be syndicated any language. They contain jingle and bed mix-outs.

Maurice Verschuuren, Creative Director of Sonic Spring

The new jingles are a further realization of Domien’s commitment to bring quality radio on Q Music for the drive time slot.

I had been aiming for an afternoon show for years. I love the energy of that time, make people feel warm for the rest of the day . And at Qmusic, I wanted to make a program that really revolves around the listener and that is about him or her. And there perhaps lies my strength as a radio personality: those 1 on 1 conversations. I want to create a certain atmosphere there that you always long for. People need to get more excited about their evening. Whether it’s free time or just working hard.

Domien (Interview on AD here)

Listen to the demo below and get in touch with Maurice about to get effective radio jingles for your station at